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The Mouse Shell In The Material Is Full Of Kung Fu

NCK Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

As a standard device of computer, the mouse plays an extremely important role in the game entertainment, the current mouse can almost complete all the computer instruction operation. The common mouse is the mouse shell, PCB board and connectors, including the mouse shell by the shell, the next cover, button and buckle board, Mouse Shell assembled through the screws will be locked in the PCB board in the shell, lock screws prone to evenly due to uneven strength caused by PCB warping phenomenon.

PCB will not tilt the mouse shell. The technical scheme of the utility model is a mouse shell, which comprises a middle shell and a button and a gusset plate arranged on the middle shell, and a lower cover is fixed on the back of the middle shell, and a plurality of locating convex columns are distributed on the middle shell. wherein, Mouse Shell the locating convex column has four. The utility model has the advantages that the PCB board is fastened on the middle shell by a plurality of convex column cards, and the PCB screws can be effectively prevented from being cocked.

The mouse shell material, the shell finally gave up from the smooth plastic material, to revert to a similar MX500 fine scrub surface, has always been the sweat dirt problem this time finally improved.

The side material uses the coarse matte surface, slightly has the rubber paint feeling, but because the surface granular feeling is extremely strong, the feeling is coarse, may disregard. Mouse Shell May initially feel slightly unwell, but the use of long time to prevent perspiration performance is good,

Mouse shell can be said that the surface of the mouse material or the foot of the kungfu, regardless of the use of comfort and hand sweat effect is very good. Not because the pursuit of external surface neglect of practicality.