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The Mouse Shell Has Anti-aging Properties

NCK Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

The mouse shell general use ordinary plastic or ABS material, special also useful aluminum alloy and metal. Why very few uses the metal reason many 1, the metal in the normal temperature heat dissipation is good, if the winter uses the mouse shell to be cooler, the feeling naturally does not have the plastic good.

2, the metal will be the interference of electronic equipment reflection, Mouse Shell resulting in signal transmission error.

3, metal or aluminum alloy memory function does not have a good plastic, will result in pressing the mouse Shell button does not rebound, Mouse Shell if the cost of titanium alloy will be too high.

Engineering Plastics (engineering-plastics) Engineering Plastics refers to industrial parts or shell materials used as industrial plastic, is the strength, Mouse Shell impact resistance, heat resistance, hardness and anti-aging properties of the plastic.

The Japanese industry has defined it as "a high-performance plastic that can be used as a structural and mechanical part, with heat resistance above 100 ℃, mainly in industry".

The main properties of thermal properties: Glass temperature (TG) and Melting Point (tm), thermal deformation temperature (HDT) high, long-term use of high temperature (ul-746b), Mouse Shell the use of large temperature range, small thermal expansion coefficient.

Mechanical properties: high-strength, High mechanical modulus, low latent degeneration, strong wear resistance and fatigue resistance.

Other: Chemical resistance, electrical resistance, fire resistance, weather resistance, dimensional stability is good.