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The Material Technology Of Mobile Phone Shell

NCK Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

What kind of material does the cell phone shell have? What are the characteristics of each?

More and more words about mobile phone materials, dazzling. But the classification of these nouns, the common is nothing more than four kinds: metal, glass, ceramics, plastics. Metal and PC, ABS, pp, PE, PVC, PS are collectively referred to as plastic, mobile phone use of metal in fact there are different categories, but the metal material on the mobile phone is mainly aluminum alloy, that is, Mobile Phone Housing aluminum metal and then mixed with a small amount of magnesium or other metal materials to enhance its strength, according to the addition of different metals, magnesium alloy, titanium Alloy said. Some high-end handsets may also be gilded.

For example, the Xperia XZ is used in most of the XZ Alkaleido Mg-al-Li alloy, this material has good rigidity and thermal conductivity, and excellent electromagnetic shielding, and simultaneously both light and light characteristics. As a result of Sony's processing technology, Mobile Phone Housing this metal material has brought a kind of glass-like impression to XZ. The same HTC One series, the iphone 5, and later models, which use aluminum alloys, are the ones that use aluminum-alloy handsets, as IPhone7, just released this year, is mistaken for glass. The addition of aluminum alloys (and the processing of these brands) also makes these phones feel, textured and hand-held to a first-class level.

However, the use of thin aluminum alloy, Mobile Phone Housing these phones will encounter some embarrassment. The main reason for this is that the iphone 6 's "bend door" is not strong enough for the 6000-series aluminum alloy used in iphone 6. The iphone 6s improved after using 7000-series aluminum alloy. And this, Mobile Phone Housing the iphone 4/4s and millet mobile phone 4 used in the stainless steel frame is much better, of course, millet will this material as "austenite 304". However, in addition to the lack of wear-resistant, easy to oxidize, the metal still has two of problems that may be unavoidable. The color of a metal fuselage. In general, after the metal fuselage gradually popularized, the majority of the mobile phone in the market is nothing more than "gray (black) white (silver) powder" these colors

According to the relevant chemical professionals said: Because the density of alumina is more dense than aluminum, the aluminum access to the anode, Mobile Phone Housing so that the aluminum loss of electron rise in oxidation reaction to the occurrence of alumina (rise of oxygen loss, reduced), enhance the wear resistance and hardness of aluminum. In the thin layer of oxide has a large number of micro-pores, you can adsorb the colorant, and finally closed the treatment, so that the dye fixed in the gap, the last can get the corresponding color of the mobile phone shell. The reason, or dark anodized aluminum, is lighter, more difficult to color. Mobile Phone Housing If you insist on this colorful design, and color is not easy to fall, of course, some more complex procedures. This also virtually increases the cost of mobile phones and production difficulties. Furthermore, metal fuselage cell phone integration, difficult to really achieve. The iphone's top and bottom lines, sony Xperia XZ's back cover plastic ... All of these designs give consumers a spit. The design is not the most extreme is from the characteristics of the metal, it is the electromagnetic shielding mentioned above.

After all, the mobile phone is a communication-based device, Mobile Phone Housing all of the design needs the phone's signal exchange concessions. Under the current conditions, the communication technology that can penetrate the electromagnetic shielding does not appear. So the metal back-covered cell phone had to increase the antenna strip. Mobile phone manufacturers can do may only keep the signal stable, as far as possible to reduce the plastic antenna in the rear cover of the ratio, such as Oppo r9s "micro-slot antenna", so that the phone's rear cover metal accounted for more than 98%. However, unfortunately, for the pursuit of the perfect integration of users of obsessive-compulsive disorder, this seems to be not the most extreme.