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The Material Of The Mouse Shell

NCK Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 27, 2017

The mouse shell can use those materials?

The mouse shell general use ordinary plastic or ABS material, special also useful aluminum alloy and metal. Why a lot of metal is rarely used

1, the metal at room temperature heat better, if the winter use of the mouse will be cooler, feel natural no plastic good.

2, the metal will be the interference of electronic equipment reflection, resulting in signal transmission error.

3, metal or aluminum alloy memory function does not have a good plastic, Mouse Shell will lead to press the mouse button does not rebound, if the cost of titanium alloy will be too high.

The mouse must be a large part of the market hot products. For this product, I believe a lot of users will complain, since the use of the mouse feel bad, but it is intact, throw away pity, with the heart and uncomfortable. For such a problem, a man named Pyott has launched a new product: Print the mouse shell, which is suitable for various sizes of hand.

Mouse Shell is called Statial, in addition to the use of high-end 3D printing technology, its construction is also a major bright spot. It is very ergonomic design, mainly divided into five parts, each supporting the movement of the adjustment, mainly through the central switch "unlock." Mouse Shell Depending on the size of your hand, you can reposition each part to get the best experience for your hand. Before use, the user needs to remove the top shell of the mouse before replacing it with it.

Unfortunately, the current mouse shell only applies to Logitech M100 Mouse. And the price is several times higher than M100, at $70. However, for the user who pursues the feeling experience, Mouse Shell it is worth starting.