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The Material Of The Mobile Phone Case

NCK Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2017

Mobile Phone Shell Material Inventory

Generally speaking, the material can be divided into three categories, namely: organic materials (mainly polymer materials), metal materials and inorganic non-metallic materials. These three types of material mobile phone shell are used, interestingly, the mobile phone shell material almost represents the evolution of the mobile phone shell three of stages.

Probably invented from the mobile phone, the majority of its shell using polymer materials; In recent years, the metal shell cell phone is recognized by the mainstream market; now glass, ceramic shell cell phone received a lot of attention;

Polycarbonate abbreviation PC, for colorless transparent, heat-resistant and impact-resistant thermoplastic resin. Because of its excellent performance and particularity, nowadays it has become the fastest growing plastic in five major engineering plastics. PC is the most widely used in early smartphone applications, mainly because of 1 low prices, simple processing technology, 2 surface decoration, 3 of early phone heating requirements, such as small. However, with the growing problem of mobile phone heating and plastic "low sense", PC gradually withdrew from the mainstream mobile phone stage.

Here are some PC Shell classic phones:

Mobile Phone Housing Kevlar is a very rare name, and if it's not polymer and composite, I'm afraid many of them are not clear. Kevlar is a kind of aramid fiber material developed by DuPont, which has the characteristics of low density, high strength, good toughness, high temperature resistance, easy processing and molding, Mobile Phone Housing and can be used as bulletproof vest, tank compound armor and other military fields.

As a mobile phone fuselage material, the biggest advantage of Kevlar is scratch resistance. The back panel of Motorola XT910 uses Kevlar material. However, there are fewer brands on the market with Kevlar as airframe materials. It may be aesthetically pleasing. With the hammer technology Luo words: "Kevlar came to the world, Mobile Phone Housing from head to toe, every pore is dripping with a sense of cheapness." ”

Carbon fiber is a kind of new fiber material with high strength and higher modulus fiber with carbon content above 95%. The quality is lighter than the metal aluminum, the tensile strength is the steel $number times, and has the corrosion resistance, the high modulus characteristic, Mobile Phone Housing in the high-end aerospace to the life common movement equipment is important material. But because it is a conductor, carbon fiber used in the cell phone shell will cause signal shielding or attenuation, so it is more often used as reinforcement materials, added to other materials to form composite material.

Mobile Phone Housing A friend offers an Apple 6 carbon fiber rear cover, currently on the market less, belonging to high-end private customization, to meet the small number of people to use, the appearance and Kevlar similar.

In theory, the wood itself is not very suitable for the mobile phone fuselage, because it is often not wear-resistant, and may encounter the problem of worms and bacteria breeding, Mobile Phone Housing it needs to be processed at a later stage. But with a certain original flavor, to win the favor of some young people of literature and art; because the mobile phone itself is fast consumer goods, Wood's wear-resistant disadvantage has become less obvious。