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Mouse Shell Coating Process

NCK Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

Mouse shell surface material design can be divided into spray paint, plastic material class two categories, coupled with the recent Logitech Microsoft in the new mouse shell side skirt widely used rubber material, common mouse shell surface main process is divided into these three categories, Mouse Shell Each type of process can be divided into several sub-categories. Here we will be on each category by a variety of mouse shell surface use experience to explain in detail.

The first category: painting class

Paint the surface of the mouse shell is made after the completion of parts, in the zero surface spray different paint, change the original plastic material touch.

Metallic glossy matte paint

Metal luster of the fine matte spray surface in the use of this surface treatment process, and the use of "aluminum ion precipitation" technology X06 version of IE3.0, also belong to this category

 Metallic glossy matte paint is characterized by the mouse shell surface with a certain metallic luster, with a slight matte texture, feel smooth and delicate. The use of such a surface of the mouse shell appearance of the atmosphere stable, but the player long time to use the mouse shell hand sweating will have a certain impact on the grip of the mouse shell. Metallic luster paint surface adhesion is very strong, Mouse Shell does not appear off the phenomenon, but wear resistance in general, after a long period of time there will be wear and tear paint off the phenomenon.

Smooth paint is in the mouse shell parts after painting, in the part of the surface and then add a layer of protective effect of the varnish made of. As the varnish has a very good protective effect on the primer, the primer only need to consider the adhesion and appearance of the performance, Mouse Shell so the use of glossy surface design of the primer in the choice of primer is also more abundant.

And metal glossy matte paint different, smooth paint with a strong adhesion on the surface of the painting at the same time, wear resistance is more outstanding. But compared to fine sanding paint, Mouse Shell the surface is more smooth, but the anti-slip anti-skid effect is poor, the actual use of feel in general. As the light paint can make the mouse shell has a better visual appearance, it is widely used in the mouse shell MOD.

  Skin surface application in the mouse shell also has a long time, the material surface was matte or semi-matte state, feel quite delicate, smooth, was thought that the first competitive peripheral manufacturers widely used in its game peripheral products. Skin surface parts made of rubber paint on the surface, Mouse Shell due to the use of additives when the paint is different, so different manufacturers of product skin surface texture will be different.

Mouse shell on the small matte shell, and later in the mouse shell side skirt are applied. The surface of the coarse abrasive rubber is also sprayed with a rubber paint, Mouse Shell but the spray process is different, the surface of the mouse shell is extremely rough, there is a feeling of touching sandpaper.

Rough scrub rubber paint because the surface is extremely rough, some players in the contact feeling is not very good. But the rough surface has a greater surface friction, so anti-skid effect is better, even if the player for a long time to use the palm sweat, it will not affect the use of the mouse shell operation. However, due to coarse abrasive rubber paint the surface of the use of rubber paint, long after use, there will be painted worn, Mouse Shell revealing the internal plastic material.

As the plastic surface has been extremely smooth, even after the palm friction, the mouse shell surface will not produce a big change. So polished plastic surface appearance of a very long life, a mouse shell from birth to life and death, if the surface is not hard to leave scratches, the appearance will not change. But the surface of the mirror because the surface finish, but polished plastic surface because the surface is extremely smooth, anti-sweat anti-skid performance is relatively common, and the mouse shell surface easy accumulation of sweat, hand sweat larger players may need to use a few hours you have to mouse shell Wipe the surface clean, so as not to accumulate the sweat effect of the mouse shell to use feel。