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Metal Stamping Parts Service Life Will Be Greatly Improved

NCK Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 15, 2017

In the daily life we see a lot of products are metal stamping parts, big to aircraft cars, small to pin are metal stamping parts, metal stamping parts have what characteristics and what are the common problems? Let's look at it together!

Main features of metal stamping parts

1. Metal stamping parts are not in the premise of material consumption, by stamping, the parts of the weight of light, stiffness, and the sheet metal after plastic deformation, Metal Stamping Parts the structure of the interior is improved, so that the strength of stamping parts improved.

2. Metal stamping parts with a high dimensional accuracy, with the same size uniform, good interchangeability. Metal Stamping Parts No further machining is required to meet General Assembly and usage requirements.

3. In the stamping process, because the surface of the material is not damaged, it has a good surface quality, the appearance of smooth and beautiful, this for surface painting, electroplating, Metal Stamping Parts phosphating and other surface treatment provides a convenient condition.

4, through the precision stamping can be processed a variety of complex shape, size and shape of the precision of the stamping parts, and punching plane straight, clean, quality can be comparable with cutting processing.

5, metal stamping parts clear outline, small angle of collapse, some hole margin and hole spacing (wall thickness) ≤t and have pressure convex, sinking hole, blind hole and hub flange, such as forming fine blanking, especially modulus very small involute, cycloid, triangular, rectangular, trapezoidal and other shapes high-precision gear precision stamping parts, Metal Stamping Parts are difficult to manufacture with other processing technology.

6, Precision stamping section due to cold hardening effect, its surface hardness, strength greatly improved, friction resistance and weatherability improvement, used as sports surface, Metal Stamping Parts friction surface gear profile, sleeve and other fine stamping pieces, the service life will be greatly improved.

7, can achieve a large-scale production of mechanical and electrical products to achieve a moderate economic size parts, including: Truck, car, motorcycle products, such as fine stamping pieces, from the raw materials to punch out the finished pieces, no longer cutting processing, high efficiency.

Metal stamping parts Because of these characteristics, Metal Stamping Parts in electronic products, machinery, hardware, transport tools and other industries have been widely used, and further improve the precision and durability of products, driving industrial development.