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Metal Stamping Parts Application Field Is Extensive

NCK Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 26, 2017

Metal stamping parts are the use of punch and mold at room temperature to the stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other plates and other materials to make it deformed or broken, forming the required shape products. Metal stamping parts processing technology including blanking, bending, drawing, forming, Metal Stamping Parts finishing and other processes.

Advantages of metal stamping parts

1, metal stamping by the mold to ensure that the metal stamping parts size and shape accuracy, generally do not damage the surface quality of stamping parts, and die life is generally longer so the quality of metal stamping stability.

2, metal stamping can be processed out of a larger size range, Metal Stamping Parts the shape of more complex parts, such as small to watch stopwatch, big car longitudinal beam, covering parts, etc., combined with metal stamping material cold deformation hardening effect, metal stamping strength and stiffness are higher.

3, metal stamping processing of high production efficiency, and easy to operate, easy to achieve mechanization and automation. This is because the metal stamping is based on stamping die and stamping equipment to complete processing, the general press the number of trips per minute can reach dozens of times, Metal Stamping Parts high-speed pressure to reach hundreds of times per minute or more than thousands, and each stamping stroke may get a punch.

4, metal stamping generally no chip scrap production, Metal Stamping Parts material consumption is less, and do not need other heating equipment, it is a province material, energy-saving processing methods, metal stamping parts lower cost.

Safety precautions for metal stamping parts

1. Installation of protective devices

In the production of metal stamping parts, stamping equipment must be installed safety protection devices to prevent accidents caused by operation errors. Various protective devices have their own characteristics and use of different areas, improper use will still occur injury accidents. Therefore, Metal Stamping Parts the role of various protective devices must be clarified in order to ensure proper use and safe operation.

2, improve the stamping equipment, improve the safety of production

Now many enterprises use the old hardware stamping equipment control system, the electrical system has a lot of unsafe factors, in order to ensure the safety of metal stamping equipment, we should be hedging pressure equipment to improve.

3, improve the manufacturing process, to achieve manual work outside the mold For large-scale production operations, from the reform process and mold start, Metal Stamping Parts to achieve mechanization and automation. such as the use of automation, multi-position stamping machinery and equipment, the use of multiple work and mechanized production equipment, the use of continuous mode, composite mold and other combined process measures.

Metal stamping parts are literally understood; metal refers to the steel or some non-ferrous metal processing parts, while the stamping part refers to at room temperature, steel/non-ferrous metal plate with the mold, Metal Stamping Parts by pressure Machine to provide the required processing pressure and formed into the specified shape, then metal stamping parts in the field of application what?

Metal Stamping Parts Application field:

1, the automobile industry stamping. Mainly to pull deep. In our country this part mainly concentrates in the automobile factory, the tractor factory, the airplane manufacture factory and so on big manufacturers.

2, automotive and other industries, such as stamping parts. Metal Stamping Parts The main is punching and shearing forming. Many of the companies in this sector are in the scale factory, there are also some independent stamping plants, and at present some automobile plants or tractor factory There are many such small factories nearby.

3, electrical parts stamping factory. Metal Stamping Parts This kind of factory is a new industry, along with the development of electrical appliances, this department plant mainly concentrated in the south.

4, Life daily necessities stamping factory. Do some crafts, tableware and so on, these plants in recent years also has the big development.

5, household appliances parts stamping factory. These plants are in the development of domestic appliances only after the emergence of large departments in the home appliance enterprises.

6. Special stamping Enterprises. Metal Stamping Parts such as the stamping of aviation parts belong to this kind of enterprise, but these craft factory also belongs to some large manufacturers.

Hardware stamping Parts Application areas are basically these.