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Keyboard Shell Design

NCK Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 21, 2017

Design and Calculation of Injection Mold for Keyboard Shell.

First of all, the use of traditional mold design method, the keyboard shell product design, to determine the size of plastic parts structure; and then use Proe software for plastic parts of the three-dimensional solid modeling; plastic parts for structural process and molding process analysis to determine the plastic structure Size and molding options.

Using the Proe module, enter the size and shape parameters of each part, Keyboard Housing generate a three-dimensional model, not only can intuitively understand the shape of the product, but also can carry out interference detection, etc .; check the injection molding machine, including injection capacity, clamping force, Size, mold thickness size, mold installation size and other checks; the use of CAD technology mold mold, Keyboard Housing mold and plastic parts were stripped from the whole process of simulation, to check out the mold structure design unreasonable, and timely correction , To reduce the modal time.

Keyboard shell, and some keyboard with plastic dark hook technology fixed in the keyboard panel and the base of the two parts, to achieve the design of metal-free screw. So be careful to avoid damage.

Shell In order to meet the needs of different users, the conventional keyboard with CapsLock (letter case lock), NumLock (numeric keypad lock), ScrollLock (scroll lock key) three lights (some wireless keyboard has omitted these three lights) Flag the current state of the keyboard. Keyboard Housing These indicators are generally located in the upper right corner of the keyboard, but there are some keyboards such as ACER Ergonomic KB and HP original keyboard with built-in keycap indicator, this design can more easily determine the current state of the keyboard, Keyboard Housing but the process is relatively complex, so most Ordinary keyboards are not used for this design.

Regardless of how the keyboard form changes the basic key arrangement or remain essentially unchanged, it can be divided into the main keyboard area, Num digital auxiliary keyboard area, F key function keyboard area, control keypad, for the multi-function keyboard also adds a shortcut key area.

The keyboard circuit board is the core of the entire keyboard control, Keyboard Housing which is located inside the keyboard, mainly as key scan recognition, coding and transmission interface work.

The negative side of the keycap can be seen are key plunger, directly related to the life of the keyboard, the friction coefficient is directly related to the touch of the keys.

There are four kinds of key cap printing technology: a. Ink printing technology, b. Laser etching technology, c. Secondary molding technology, d. Sublimation printing technology.