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HDD Enclosure To Physical Protection

NCK Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

The hard disk box is good or bad for the materials and design, of course, some high-end mobile hard disk products will also provide additional software, such as encryption, data backup functions. For these four hard disk enclosure will be revealed by dismantling its internal materials and design.

Before unpacking the hard disk box, you need to remove the upper shell, then the four corners of the hard disk box to the fixed card tenon, so that the bottom of the metal wire drawing shell can be removed.

After removing the bottom of the shell, Hard Drive Enclosure the hard drive box of the circuit board is exposed, using two screws fixed, loosen the two screws, you can remove the circuit board, so that the dismantling completed.

After the solution is complete we can see that the Orico 2588us3 hard Drive box uses the Taiwan Asmedia (Cheung-Suk) asm1153e Master chip SATA 6Gbps USB 3.0, Hard Drive Enclosure which is SATA 6gbps-5gbps, has a theoretical maximum transmission rate of up to 500mb/s (USB3.0 Maximum transmission bandwidth is full duplex 5Gbps, but the actual speed is not up to the theoretical value, USB3.0 Physical layer uses 8b/ 10b encoding method, this calculates the theoretical speed of 4Gbps, 4gbps÷8=500mb/s, that is, the theoretical limit speed should be close to 500mb/s).

Hard Drive box dismantling is the least difficult, Hard Drive Enclosure the normal replacement of the hard disk process, you can see the side of the circuit board, USB 3.0 main control on this side, the model for the Norelsys NS1066, circuit board using two screws fixed, remove the screws, you can see the circuit board on the other side of the circuit structure.

Of course, this time only need to lift the PCB up, Hard Drive Enclosure and then pull the PCB can be separated from the box to take out. From the PCB can be seen, Linso (blueenless) u23t hard disk box using a silver-can innostor IS621 master, it also only supports SATA 3Gbps to USB 3.0, the maximum rate is also limited to 3Gbps.

With the rapid development of network and multimedia, people are more and more often encounter the large-capacity data exchange in GB unit, the hard disk is the best carrier to face such big data, however, the common hard disk is installed in the chassis and the operating system is installed, Hard Drive Enclosure so it is not easy to move. The role of the hard disk is to play a physical protection of a hard disk, while using easy to move the connection, to achieve the role of mobile hard disk. Hard disk enclosure in the protection of hard disk needs a certain degree of strength, and has a seismic and non-slip effect, the volume can not be too large. The hard drive box also needs to have the convenient and the computer connection way, therefore the external hard disk box basically uses the USB interface, compares the built-in hard disk box to be rare. There are also many types of hard disks, such as the hard disk enclosure that uses a desktop hard disk usually requires additional power, and a hard drive with a notebook hard disk usually does not need to wait