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Hardware Stamping Parts Used In The Various Areas Of Life

NCK Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 02, 2017

Hardware stamping parts refers to the use of presses and molds at room temperature will be stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other sheet through the deformation or fracture to form the required workpiece processing methods.

Advantages of metal stamping parts:

1, metal stamping by the mold to ensure that the metal stamping parts of the size and shape accuracy and quality stability;

2, can be processed into a larger size, Metal Stamping Parts the shape of more complex parts, metal stamping strength and stiffness are higher;

3, metal stamping easy mechanization and automation, so the production efficiency is high;

4, metal stamping processing materials consumption less, the cost of metal stamping parts lower.

Hardware stamping parts can be stamping, bending, Metal Stamping Parts stretching and other means to process the parts. Hardware stamping parts are widely used in all areas of our lives, including some electronic devices, auto parts, decorative materials and so on. On the nature and use of hardware, can be divided into steel materials, non-ferrous metal materials, mechanical parts, transmission equipment, auxiliary tools, work tools, construction hardware, Metal Stamping Parts family hardware and other eight categories.

Hardware stamping parts of the application features:

Hardware stamping parts and castings, forging compared to a thin, uniform, light, strong features. Stamping can be made difficult to create other methods with ribs, ribs, Metal Stamping Parts undulating or flanging of the workpiece to improve its strength and toughness. If the use of precision molds, the workpiece accuracy up to micron level, and repeat the high precision, consistent specifications, you can punch out the hole nest, convex and so on. If you use multi-station continuous mode, usually hundreds of pieces per minute can be produced. Metal Stamping Parts In a short period of time to complete the feeding, stamping, out of pieces, waste and other processes. Hardware stamping parts are generally no longer by cutting, or only a small amount of cutting.

Hardware stamping parts structure process:

In the design of metal stamping parts, not only to make its structure to meet the requirements, but also must be considered to meet the requirements of metal stamping parts of the structural requirements, that is, metal stamping parts should be compatible with the stamping process. Good metal stamping parts can reduce or avoid the production of stamping defects, easy to ensure the quality of stamping parts, but also to simplify the stamping process, Metal Stamping Parts improve productivity and reduce production costs. The main factors that affect the process performance of metal stamping parts are the shape, size, precision and materials of metal stamping parts.

Hardware stamping parts of the advantages of processing:

Hardware stamping parts by the metal stamping process and die, stamping equipment and stamping materials formed stamping processing, metal stamping its advantages are high productivity, low mold cost, no sheet shear, progressive die can save 30% Of the cost, but its application by the tensile depth, orientation and transmission of the edge of the material on the surface of the hardening of the constraints, mainly for the depth of the drawing of simple parts.

The mold is the main process equipment of metal stamping, Metal Stamping Parts the surface quality of the stamping parts, the dimensional tolerances, the productivity and the economic benefits and so on. The mold structure and its reasonable design are very big. According to the combination of the metal stamping process, , Multi-process continuous mode and composite die. When dealing with the stamping process of the workpiece, Metal Stamping Parts the dispersion and concentration of the processing process is a complicated problem. It depends on the batch size, structure shape, quality requirements and process characteristics of the workpiece. For the automobile stamping parts which are usually mass production, Processed solutions, the use of composite or progressive die stamping, so that both improve productivity, but also to achieve safe production.

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