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Hard Drive Box Of The Three Standards

NCK Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 27, 2017

Hard disk box is divided into 2.5 inches, 3.5 inches, 5.25 inches three standard.

1,2.5-inch mobile hard disk box using a laptop hard drive, this hard drive is very small, coat pocket can be installed, the disadvantage is the hard disk price / capacity ratio is high, and slower, so the data transfer rate is low The

2,3.5-inch hard disk box larger, but 3.5-inch hard drive transfer faster, large capacity, the price is relatively cheap.

3, there is a multi-functional mobile hard disk box, the size is 5.25 inches, it can not only install the hard drive, you can easily install the CD-ROM drive or burner, Hard Drive Enclosure which becomes an external drive or burner, but it's The volume can not be complimented, portable performance greatly reduced.

Hard disk is the hard disk into a mobile hard disk device. At present, ordinary hard drive is connected with the computer through the SATA interface; and with a hard disk box, you only need to install the hard drive to the hard disk box, and then through the USB, esata, lightning and other interfaces connected with the computer to achieve portable features.

Hard disk box is more common digital peripherals products, most of the digital enthusiasts home more or less there will always be, whether it is to store data or to save family photos or download a video for their own appreciation, hard disk box belongs to Convenient and cost-effective products. Hard Drive Enclosure I also have several good cost of hard disk box, in the author of the evaluation of the early posts, readers should have some understanding. Which I prefer the hard disk box from the ORICO 2.5-inch transparent mobile hard disk box, I have been expected to have a 3.5-inch version of the transparent hard disk box, the author recently found this product has come out, so can not wait to recommend to everyone.

Hard disk box is used in environmentally friendly kraft paper packaging, packaging for the appearance of the product style.

Products and other 3.5-inch hard drive box is similar, in addition to transparent box, Hard Drive Enclosure but also provides power and data lines.

Power supply for the exchange of wide voltage input, DC12V / 2A output, high-power power to protect the 3.5-inch mechanical hard drive operating stability.

Products using a transparent material production, hard drive below the middle position for the ORICO logo.

Hard disk box circuit board with a black oil resistance welding, capacitors are used patch of solid capacitors to protect the stability of the circuit.

Products provide a MicroB interface, in order to facilitate the use of the user, Hard Drive Enclosure the product also provides a power switch button, do not use the time when the hard disk can be safely closed.

The data line is the standard USB3.0 data cable, the computer side for the TypeA type, the other end is the MicroB interface.

Product design for the 3.5-inch hard drive box, and the author's 2.5-inch hard disk size, the volume is still relatively large, but because of the standard SATA interface, so even 2.5-inch hard drive can easily use.

I have used a lot of mobile hard disk, but also used many hard disk me, but unless it is the original mobile hard disk, but all mobile hard disk box, no few easy to use. Either the assembly is particularly cumbersome, or the use of special inconvenience, Akira badly unsafe. And I am ideal in the mobile hard disk box, first of all to be lightweight, because it is a portable product, must not be too heavy; and then better assembly, no tools can easily complete the demolition assembly; the last is to be secure, after all, hard disk is more delicate hardware , The use of inappropriate hard disk damage is a small thing, the data can be lost.

And today I want to try this MD25U3 mobile hard disk box, it is ORICO launched a lightweight mobile hard disk box, with light weight, simple assembly, Hard Drive Enclosure the use of security and so on. But also I used several of the best feeling in the use of a mobile hard disk box.

Its packaging is still ORICO traditional design, ORICO this is done well, brand unity.

Put all the things out of the box, that is the. A splitboard box, a small interface chip, a USB 3.0 data cable, two sponge blocks and manuals and warranty cards.

First look at the essence of this mobile hard disk, is the transfer chip. A small circuit board, covered with a variety of chips and the original, one end is the SATA interface, one end is USB 3.0 interface. Do not look at this chip is not, but the JMS578 master chip can be said that the most stable price of the highest master chip, and effectively ensure the hard disk read speed.

Although this is just a package without any chips, but do not use them to lose the packaging of those easy to drive line. Only need to be placed in the hard disk box, you can install the hard disk, and very convenient and simple.

Install the hard disk, only need to chip and hard disk assembly, Hard Drive Enclosure and then placed the entire hard disk box, you can, is not it very simple?

It should be noted that the mobile hard drive must pay attention to shock absorption, and with the hard disk box is equipped with two pieces of sponge is used to shock. Tear off the double-sided adhesive on the sponge block, paste it directly inside the hard drive box, and then put the hard disk inside, you can.

In the inside of the lid is also a piece of sponge block, and then you can tighten the lid, a mobile hard disk assembly is completed, the entire assembly time with 1 minute are not used, very convenient.

We will ORICO mobile hard disk box assembly hard drive and my Toshiba original mobile hard disk for comparison, you can see, not only the volume is more compact, but also thinner, the value is also a lot of high!