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Hard Disk Box Purchase Skills

NCK Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 21, 2017

With the rapid development of network and multimedia, people are increasingly often encountered in GB as a unit of large-capacity data exchange, in the face of such a large piece of data, hard drive is undoubtedly the best carrier, but ordinary hard drive is installed in the chassis, Hard Drive Enclosure And the operating system is installed, so it is not easy to move. The role of the hard disk box is a hard disk to play a physical protection, while the use of easy to move the connection, to achieve the role of mobile hard disk. Hard disk box in the protection of hard drives need a certain degree of solid, and there are anti-seismic and anti-skid effect, Hard Drive Enclosure the volume can not be too large. Hard disk box also need to facilitate and computer connection, so the external hard drive box basically use the USB interface, compared to the built-in hard drive box is relatively rare. Because the type of hard disk is also more, so there are many corresponding types of hard disk box, Hard Drive Enclosure such as the use of desktop hard drive hard disk box usually need additional power, and the use of hard disk hard drive hard disk usually do not need to wait

Hard disk box to buy the whole Raiders common hard disk box products include the following categories:

1. Independent hard disk box, users need to buy a separate notebook hard drive. Independent hard disk box rich variety, the product covers high and low different grades, providing a very large DIY degrees of freedom, the user can match the appropriate capacity and performance of the hard disk. Hard Drive Enclosure As the competition is fierce, the price of the independent hard disk box is more affordable, the overall procurement costs can be well controlled. However, there are many brands of such products, the quality of uneven, fake and inferior goods rampant problem, to the user's actual purchase has brought greater inconvenience.

2. The overall storage product that comes standard with the hard disk. The overall storage products are usually branded, its quality is more secure, with the special software can provide such as physical isolation, network security, accidentally deleted and other advanced features; individual products to support hardware encryption, the data can be a special encryption protection. As the overall storage product design without considering the user after the purchase of the hard disk disassembly, Hard Drive Enclosure built-in hard drive can be attached to more protection measures, so the shock resistance of such products generally better performance. The overall shortcomings of the storage product is built-in hard drive specifications is not easy to know, too high prices also make many users discouraged. Overall, such products are suitable for price is not sensitive, while focusing on data security and after-sales service business users and high-end personal users.

3. digital companion. Digital companion is with digital cameras such as digital cameras and the widespread use of a special mobile hard disk. Compared to ordinary mobile hard disk, digital companion increased the card reader function, in the case of not connected to the computer, all kinds of flash memory card can be directly inserted into the digital companion built-in card reader to store data stored in the card. Digital SLR (DSLR) photographers, through digital companion, can be used RAW lossless compression format to take pictures, without having to be limited by the size of the memory card at the expense of quality. Hard Drive Enclosure With the progress of technology, many digital companion products at the same time integrated MP3 playback, greatly expanding their own use. Most of the digital companions are equipped with a certain capacity of the hard drive, different brands and functional grade of the product, the price is also a big difference.