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Flasing And Burr

NCK Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 21, 2017

Today, we will chare what is flasing and burr. 

Flash is also called edge, edge, burr, etc, spill occurs mostly in the mold of the device.the location, such as dynamic modulus and static modulus of parting surface, the slider sliding parts, insert the absolute gap, plunger, the place such as pore, flash is largely caused by mold or machine clamping force failure.Generally speaking, due to the influence of various factors, absolutely do not produce plastic flash is impossible.

The reasons causing

Flash to produce But how to reduce the flash improve the quality of plastic parts is plastic molding processing and important research topic in the field of precision injection molding.Flash have the concrete may have the following several aspects of reasons:
1. The machine's maximum clamping force is not enough should choose enough clamping force of the machine.Clamping machine hinge wear or clamping cylinder seal element wear and tear drops of oil or return and cause the loss of clamping force.Heating system is out of control due to the actual temperature should check whether there is a problem such as thermocouple, heating coil.
(1) distribution of mold cavity is not scale or insufficient stress caused by uneven parallel local flash, local grievances, should be under the premise that does not affect the product integrity port should be placed in quality center of symmetry.
(2) activity in moulds, sliding core stress caused imbalance of flash.
(3) the mold venting is not good when pressurized air can make the mold parting surface expansion in flash, good exhaust system should be taught, or dig vent groove in the parting surface.
2. The plastic flow is too large, or to add too much lubricant, should be appropriate to reduce the pressure, speed, temperature, etc., reduce the use amount of lubricant, when it is necessary to choose the plastic with low liquidity.
3. The processing and adjustment:
(1) set of high temperature, pressure, speed, segmented injection should be adopted.Injection time, holding time, plus the shoes too much can cause flash.
(2) regulation, the clamping machine hinge is not straight, or open, clamping nut sort of mould are often caused by insufficient clamping force in flash.
(3) to adjust head and diode parallel insufficient or adjust the system pressure is too large.
4. The flash and repeated complaint among parts:
(1) the uneven plastic raw material particle size disparity will make loading quantity.
(2) of the screw plastic head, aprons, and the wear of rubber gasket is too large, the molten material may be between the cylinder and the screw place inside taxi and backflow caused flash or dissatisfaction.
(3) the inflow of the cooling system failure, to feed.
(4) cylinder setting injection capacity is insufficient, the cushion starts to make the waxing and appear when shooting flash or parts.

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